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Best food during loose motions for babies,toddlers and kids

Loose motion or diarrhea refers to the frequent passage of stools which are loose and watery. Watery bowel movements are very common and are usually not very serious. It may cause loss of water and minerals from the body. Diarrhea or loose watery stool, is the body’s way of clearing viruses, bacteria or toxins from the digestive tract.

During diarrhea, your baby loses water and minerals called electrolytes which lead to dehydration in your child. As immune system of your infant is still developing various environmental factors can disturb your kid’s tummy. You should take extra precautions about food in summers, winters, and monsoon.

some of the reasons for loose motions can be:

  • Infected food and water
  • Poor hygiene
  • Intake of strong antibiotics
  • Bacteria-injected objects which little toddler plays with
  •  Introduction to the new foods
  • High temperature and hot weather
  • improper digestion.

Make sure to keep the baby hydrated by giving

  • More liquids
  • ORS
  • Cocunut water
  • Rice water
  • Butter milk

Best foods to be given:


 Well-cooked rice is one of the best foods which can be given to toddler or kids during loose motions. Cooked rice water with a little bit of salt works well too for stopping the frequent stools .



Give your baby mashed banana. It is the most traditional home remedy to stop loose motions. Banana provide strength and energy.The Organic or Ripen is an amazing food to cure the loose motions in kids or toddlers.  You can use the cooked banana as it provides the instant energy for faster recovery.



Curd helps to cure diarrhea. Give your baby fresh curd with roasted cumin seeds Or you can add half teaspoon of sugar and pinch of salt and give it to your baby.Kids love yogurt and buttermilk both. Adding a pinch of salt will make it tastier.  Otherwise, curd-Rice can serve as a good dish.

Buttermilk is the most loved food during loose motions .


Boiled and smashed potatoes can be given to kids as potatoes are easy for digestion.


During loose motions, boiled carrots  provide instant energy.

Pressure cook 1 washed and peeled carrot with turmeric powder and a pinch of salt till its done. Mash it  and give to your baby.

Boiled carrot puree or carrots can be given once a day during the phase of loose motions.

 Breast Milk for Infants:

 Breast milk has  the necessary nutrients that will help your baby fight against bacterial or viral diarrhoea. And, also breast milk will help ease the symptoms of the disease.

Light foods:

  Light foods to be given to babies during loose motions as they can be absorbed easily.

Foods not be given during motions:

  • Avoid giving spicy and oily foods
  • Avoid milk products like cheese, milk, butter, margarine, milk powder or anything which is prepared with milk. NO cow’s milk or buffalo milk for the baby during this time.
  • Dont introduce any new food during motions.
  • Avoid giving cabbage,fruit juices,Raisins,almonds,sprouts,milk shakes.